What gear should I carry?

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What gear should I carry?

Postby Patrick Molloy » Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:35 am

Adverse weather conditions that call for our group to respond generally means snow and ice, sometimes floods.

The gear a Responder might like to keep available for taking when called out is largely dictated by common sense.

We would recommend
mobile phone
pencil & paper ( to note address for callout)
Spare batteries, recharger, spare mobile phone if possible
SAT NAV and maybe a paper OS map
Warm spare clothing, blankets, towels.
Water proof clothing, boots. gloves, hat.
Water, high energy food (Mars bars)
Hi Viz jackets (a MUST have item) with your Surrey 4x4 ID (also a must)

If you have them:
Tow straps and shackles (these items must be rated)
snow shovel
ice grips for shoes (eg ice trekkers)
Fire extinguisher

Keep a 'ready box' so that you can grab & go

This list is not meant to be definitive, but to offer a suggestion as to what Responders might carry.
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