If called, do I HAVE TO respond?

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If called, do I HAVE TO respond?

Postby Patrick Molloy » Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:44 am

No. All Response 4x4 Responders (Operational Members) are volunteers.
The group maintains a list of Responders that are 'active' so you can take yourself off the active list when necessary.
Even then, if you are called out, you can decline. If you decline too often, the Controllers may just not bother calling you, so better to take yourself off the active rota when you know you can't respond. You can of course stipulate your availability is for callouts at night or weekends only.

We ask that Operational Members respond at least once a year, and attend at least one meeting a year.

Of course the more 'events' that get attended, and the more 'shouts' a member responds to, then the 'easier' it gets, in so far as one gets to know how our colleagues and the controllers system works.

Keep in mind Response groups are not a club, but meetings and events are a great way to socially interact with our fellow reponders.
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