What user name can I have?

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What user name can I have?

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We hope this forum will help to project a professional and mature image of 'Surrey 4x4 Response' as it is viewed by both existing and potential user services.

For this reason, when registering please do not use an 'Alias' as this can sometimes be confusing, doesn't look very professional if we only know you by a nickname and may be misinterpreted with regard to the image it projects.

Screen names such as "MudPlugger", "BogRunner" and "Trailblazer", for example, may be perfectly suitable on a club forum but may not assist in giving a User Service confidence in the professionalism of the person they are dealing with. If you try to register using an alias, it will be rejected.

Therefore please register using either of the following method:

First name Last name

Finally, and most important for us as a Response group - if we know you by your real name, its easier to pass onto the agency that we're sending you out to.

If an alias is used after registering, then the user will be warned by the moderator to change it or it will be removed.